The Most Bizarre ICD-10 Codes, Revisited

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The popularity of our first “Most Bizarre ICD-10 Code Awards” inspired us here at Power Your Practice to look for more. Although ICD-10 implementation will mean a set of nearly 70,000 codes, some clearly stand out as more bizarre than others.

This year’s winners include:


In the Animal Category

W56.52 – struck by other fish (excludes sharks and orca)

W53.21XA – bitten by squirrel, initial encounter

W 55.22 – struck by cow


In the Injury Category

W56.21XA – bitten by orca, initial encounter

W55.39 (includes accidental contact with goat)

X37.8 (includes injury from torrential rain)


In the Strange Places Category

Y92.511 (includes injured at café)

Y92.331 – roller skating rink

Y92.026 – swimming pool of mobile home


In the Just Plain Weird Category

W42.0 – exposure to supersonic waves

W49 (includes exposure to abnormal gravitational forces)

W20.1XXA – struck by object due to collapse of building (unfortunate, although on the plus side, you survived the building collapse)


In case you missed our inaugural post, here are the original Power Your Practice Bizarre ICD-10 Code Awards.


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4 Reporting Capabilities Your PM System Needs

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At Power Your Practice, we’re constantly applauding the numerous benefits practice management systems provide to medical practices. Not only do they improve revenue cycles with features like payer rules intelligence, but also streamline operations and promote engagement through patient portals.

That being said, the true power of PM systems may reside in their reporting abilities. Generating reports on practice operations can reveal performance trends and highlight areas that need improvement. But when it comes to reporting, not all PM systems are created equal.

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3 Reasons Your Patients Want You to Use an EHR

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Even if your practice is not participating in Meaningful Use, there are many reasons to implement EHR software and start using a patient portal to connect with your patients – the biggest reason being the positive impact these technologies can have on patient care.

Whether or not you are concerned with some of the other purported EHR benefits, namely increased productivity and reduced costs, you should consider adopting electronic charting software for the sake of your patients.

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3 ‘Other’ Things Your Practice Can Outsource

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When you hear the term ‘outsourcing’ used in conjunction with medical practices, what comes to mind? Probably billing, and there are good reasons why. Many providers have found outsourced medical billing to be an effective way of streamlining operations and securing better reimbursements.

But billing shouldn’t be the only term linked to outsourcing. There are other common tasks providers can outsource that will help save money, eliminate tedious administrative duties or both.

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Security Breaches on the Rise in 2014: Are You Ready?

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data breach

If you thought this would be the year securing patient data would finally become easier, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. A recent Experian report predicts the healthcare industry will see more large-scale security breaches affecting patient privacy in 2014. 

According to Michael Bruemmer, Vice President of Experian’s Data Breach Resolution, the sheer size of the healthcare industry is what makes it vulnerable to security risks.

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Weekly Checkup: January 13-17

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We’re feeling chilly here at Power Your Practice HQ. It dipped all the way down to 50 degrees in Miami last night, which is downright Arctic for a city whose natives have no clue what long johns are.

And when it’s cold outside, is there anything better than settling down in front of a keyboard and keeping your fingers warm cranking out informative articles on health IT and practice management? Well, of course not.

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